Car Features

The Italian Job – Miuras

The Lamborghini Miura set the supercar world alight when it burst onto the scene in 1966. Its rear, mid-engined layout has become the go-to formula for almost every great supercar since, and its wild Gandini-penned looks have become the stuff of legend. Here we celebrate the greatest Miuras, from P400 to SV, across the gamut of outlandish colours that seem to fit this Lamborghini icon so well.

Octane & evo Paddock

Working with our media partners, Octane and evo, the London Concours will host a display of four iconic historic supercars
– curated by Octane – and four of the latest and most advanced hypercars, chosen by evo. It’s the perfect way to exemplify the evolution of automotive progress at the very highest levels.

The Collector

The London Concours is a celebration of automotive passion, and our Collector feature places a spotlight onto one automotive enthusiast and their incredible personal collection of vehicles. This year, Julian Balme will be bringing a selection of his most astonishing cars, including examples of legendary automotive Americana from Lincoln and Ford.

Previous Concours Winning Turning Table – Beast of Turin

Greeting visitors to this year’s London Concours will be a very special display of the 2018 ‘Best in Show’, the 28.5-litre Fiat S76 ‘Beast of Turin’. Hosted on an elegant rotating stage from Spin-It automotive turntables, guests will be able to experience the sheer size of this land speed record car, which reportedly hit 135mph almost 110 years ago.

Car Classes

Great Marques – Ferrari

Which brand deserves the title of ‘Great Marque’ more than Ferrari? Leaving aside its seven decades of top-level motorsport victories, Ferrari has a stable of road car legends stretching right back to the 1940s. To be so consistently excellent, to have created a brand with such global dominance and to show no signs of slowing down – Ferrari is the very definition of automotive greatness.

Great Marques – Jaguar

Producing a single icon is a dream for many car manufacturers, but very few manage to so consistently and effortlessly create them. Look at Jaguar’s roster, and you’ll be spoilt for choice; the finned D-Type, the utterly gorgeous E-Type, the revolutionary XJ6 or the consistently brilliant XK sports cars. Innovation, craftsmanship and – let’s not forget – British excellence secure Jaguar its spot in our Great Marques celebration.

The Icons

There are certain cars that just come to represent their generation; think ‘90s and it’ll be the McLaren F1, think ‘60s and it’ll be the Aston Martin DB5, think ‘50s and it’s the Citroen DS. Whether it’s through ripping up the rulebook, finding fame on the silver screen or being the poster car for a whole generation of buyers, each car in this class has established itself as a verified automotive icon.

Innovation Class

A celebration of firsts in the automotive world, the Innovation Class showcases vehicles from a variety of manufacturers unified by their groundbreaking features. A chance to remember previous pioneers in an area of constant development, this class will include the likes of the first mid-engined production car, the first car fitted with a semiautomatic paddle shift gearbox now synonymous with the world’s finest supercars and more, allowing visitors to see the genesis of technologies and designs now commonplace in the world’s finest automobiles.

The Outlaws

Though the Outlaw movement began in the garages of grassroots enthusiasts, the act of modifying, personalising and altering top-tier vehicles with a devil-may-care attitude has grown into a global following. No longer a shunned practice but a much-celebrated facet of car culture, our class will gather a curated selection of the finest examples of custom machinery from around the world and feature lesser known but utterly sensational Outlaw examples.

Made In Germany

The contribution Germany has made to the automotive industry has been, and continues to be, truly staggering. Constant development in all sectors, from spectacular sports cars to iconic hot hatches, has created a whole host of genuine automotive icons. This class shall assemble a ‘greatest hits’ from the country’s extensive back catalogue, featuring some of the most desirable vehicles from the likes of Porsche, Mercedes, BMW and more.