On Tuesday 4th June, the London Concours pays homage to one of the greatest names in motorsport and performance car history: McLaren. A name established and enduring in the top tiers of global motor racing, McLaren road cars bring a track-focused approach to supercar design. And here, we celebrate them.

Any road car lineage that begins with the McLaren F1 – arguably the greatest supercar ever built – is bound to be special. And despite nearly 20 years passing before the next McLaren road car would arrive, with the MP4-12C in 2011, none of the magic was lost. A mighty twin-turbo V8 and a bespoke carbon fibre tub formed the basis of that car and a number that would follow it.

In this display we chart the evolution from F1 to MP4-12C to hybrid hypercar innovator, the P1, and on to rarities like the coachbuilt Elva. It’s a visual storytelling of the genesis of the modern McLaren range, which includes like the plug-in hybrid Artura or extreme engineering masterpieces like the Senna GTR and Speedtail.

McLaren Exhaust
McLaren Day Orange McLaren Black Stripe
McLaren Day Champagne
McLaren Day Red McLaren
McLaren Day Hospitality
McLaren Day Orange McLaren