On Tuesday 4th June, the London Concours pays homage to one of the greatest names in motorsport and performance car history: McLaren. A name established and enduring in the top tiers of global motor racing, McLaren road cars bring a track-focused approach to supercar design. And here, we celebrate them.

Any road car lineage that begins with the McLaren F1 – arguably the greatest supercar ever built – is bound to be special. And despite nearly 20 years passing before the next McLaren road car would arrive, with the MP4-12C in 2011, none of the magic was lost. A mighty twin-turbo V8 and a bespoke carbon fibre tub formed the basis of that car and a number that would follow it.

In this display we chart the evolution from F1 to MP4-12C to hybrid hypercar innovator,
the P1, and beyond. We’ll have four remarkable P1s in attendance, including the hallowed Nürburgring conquering prototype ‘XP2R’, pre-production development car ‘XP05’
as well as an ultra-rare P1 HDK MSO.

McLaren Exhaust
McLaren Day Orange McLaren Black Stripe
McLaren Day Champagne
McLaren Day Red McLaren
McLaren Day Hospitality
McLaren Day Orange McLaren