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Each classic by Lunaz represents an uncompromised expression of the original. Electrification answers the questions of usability, reliability and sustainability and empowers owners to enjoy their cars daily.

We restore, enhance and create with knowledge that these cars have cultural value far beyond their function. The passion we have for these cars can be felt in every stitch, weld and line of code.

– David Lorenz, Founder

Rolls Royce Phantom V

Rolls-Royce Phantom V

Jaguar XK140 OTS

Jaguar XK140 OTS

Bentley Continental S2

Bentley Continental S2

For every Lunaz project, each corner is meticulously weighed to understand the original weight distribution to the gram. This information informs decisions on chassis setup, powertrain packaging and suspension. The internal combustion engine and associated systems are then sensitively removed and stored on behalf of the client before the chassis is prepared for re-engineering and electrification.

“The Lunaz solution takes cars that are under threat and gives them new purpose. Our cars embody the spirit of the original. They are peerless in their performance and effortless in their day-to-day use. To breathe new life into these timeless masterpieces represents vital engineering in the purest sense.”

– Jon Hilton, Managing Director & Technical Lead

World’s Rarest Upcycled Electric Vehicle

This 1961 Bentley Continental S2 is one of a series of luxury classic cars to undergo the company’s proven upcycling process at its facility in Silverstone, UK, previous projects include models from famous names including Aston Martin, Jaguar, Range Rover and Rolls- Royce.

Lunaz Bentley Continental S2 Boot

Undergoing the same upcycling process proven on a number of rare, high- value luxury cars over the past four years. The result is a Concours-standard vehicle that meets Lunaz’s three key requirements for an upcycled electric vehicle: usability, reliability and sustainability.

A commitment to reducing waste and impact wherever possible informs the restoration process throughout. Substrates are painstakingly restored in-house within a specialist fabrication department, which is then enhanced by Lunaz’s collective of highly skilled trim specialists. The result is an entirely renewed interior, crafted with the requirements of contemporary use but with a profound sensitivity to each individual vehicle’s heritage.

Lunaz Bentley Continental S2
Lunaz Bentley Continental S2 Interior
Lunaz Bentley Continental S2 Power

The Lunaz colour palette represents a balanced spectrum of choices, created with full consideration for the form and spirit of the car. We bring beautiful lines to life through a blend of cutting edge pigment technology and the curatorial eye of the designer.

The exterior palette is complemented by an extensive library of material treatments and colourways. A Lunaz interior does not have to be specified in traditional leather. Indeed, we are proud to pioneer new approaches to interior luxury design by unlocking the potential that each material can offer.

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Lunaz Jaguar XK140 OTS