Rodin Cars Joins the London Concours

Rodin FZED

The London Concours is delighted to welcome Rodin as an official partner. Rodin is a New Zealand-based manufacturer dedicated to perfecting the single seater racing car with proficiency, engineering excellence and one of the largest and most diverse collections of machinery and 3D printers in the Southern Hemisphere.

The first of Rodin’s creations is the FZED, a series of single-seater track cars built in New Zealand, with the performance to rival modern era Grand Prix cars. Powered by the Cosworth GPV8, which is based on the Cosworth XG that earnt its stripes in the Indy Racing League circuit, the new Rodin FZED delivers a mighty 675bhp at 9,600 rpm. Peak torque is 490Nm at 7,600 rpm, while the redline is 10,000rpm.

Rodin FZED

The Rodin FZED can accelerate to the ‘magic tonne’ (100 mph/160kph) in just 5.0 seconds and boasts a top speed of 300kph. The entire car weighs just 1,342 lbs/609kg, excluding the driver. The Rodin FZED has been readied for sale by Rodin Cars’ Australian founder and Ferrari Challenge class champion, David Dicker.

The Rodin FZED creates a new category in the high-performance open-wheeler track market, as a brand-new track racer with the ability to lap faster than a GP2 race car. This racing car has been fettled and finished by Rodin Cars’ team of talented engineers, who have fabricated many parts from exotic materials at the company’s bespoke facility. Every single part of the FZED has been optimised to make it the fastest, most durable and most engaging racing machine this side of Formula One

Rodin FZED

Development work done to date on the FZED has informed the creation of Rodin’s second model, a model without any restrictions, without any compromises and a model that aims to be the fastest track car in the world – the forthcoming Rodin FZERO. This vehicle is a demonstration of the brand’s intention to create the world’s fastest track car, free from the shackles of any technical regulations. Design and development is moving quickly, despite the current pandemic challenges, and a rolling prototype is scheduled for reveal towards the end of 2021.

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