Hidden Jewels of the City: Calleija and the London Concours

The intricacies and idiosyncrasies of design, taste and style are apparent in all their glory in the line-up of rare and sought-after cars that make up London Concours, one of the UK’s leading automotive events. However, this appreciation for timeless style and expert design goes beyond the 80 plus classics, supercars and hypercars that make the Honourable Artillery (HAC), one of the world’s most expensive car parks for three days in June. 

Calleija, an internationally renowned jeweller specialising in Argyle Pink Diamonds™, will be once again joining us at this year’s London Concours, showcasing their expertly honed craftsmanship and beautifully bespoke jewellery. 

A testament to Calleija’s exceptional distinction is its appointment as one of only two Argyle Pink Diamonds™ Icon Partners worldwide, this partnership speaks to the brand’s commitment to preserving the legacy of the last Argyle Pink Diamonds™, transforming them into celebrated masterpieces that encapsulate their beauty and essence.

The relationship between Calleija and the London Concours began back in 2022, when the brand saw the opportunity to bring their bespoke creations to the HAC for the first time, enabling them to connect with both existing and prospective clients in a relaxed, garden party style atmosphere. “It’s a great platform to meet people and discover their interests and passions, whether that’s cars or jewellery, and with the time and freedom that the event offers, we learn about the guests, and they discover what it is we create,” explains Garth Jones, Boutique Manager at Calleija London.

This opportunity of discovery allows Garth and his colleagues a chance to delve into the unique offering and expertise that Calleija prides itself on, the Argyle Pink Diamond™. “As one of only two jewellers in the world with access to the final Argyle Pink Diamonds™ in the world, we have something very rare that we can make truly personal to the client,” Garth elaborates. “Our craftsmen work closely with clients to realise their wishes, creating sketches and 3D models to help visualise their completely bespoke piece of jewellery.”

Much like the cars that complete the London Concours, with their carefully constructed bodywork and meticulously engineered mechanics, each piece of Calleija jewellery is designed and hand-crafted by the brand’s traditionally trained jewellers. At Calleija’s London boutique, clients are treated to an up-close taste of this, having access to the team’s workshop to see their design come to life at the fingertips of some of the world’s most talented jewellers.

The story behind a piece of jewellery, and its connection to the wearer is fundamental to the beauty of the piece. “In the same way that a driver may customise their car and engineers must make it driveable, we love learning about the people that will wear our jewellery, and it helps us to create a piece that is personal to them. Listening to their interests, their lifestyle and learning about what jewellery they wear all ties together and enables us to create a design that is right for them, all the while incorporating that into their daily life to make the piece wearable,” Garth divulged. For a particular client with a passion for aviation, the Calleija team had the callsign of the Spitfire he pilots embossed on the underside of his ring, a personal yet subtle tribute to something very close to his heart.

Despite the stark differences between the nature of Calleija’s delicately stunning pieces of jewellery and the awe-inspiring engineering of the London Concours cars, there is a thread of synergies that ebb throughout their designs, style and fundamental nature. Each car, like each piece of jewellery tells an intricate story of personal taste, experience and passion. From the expert that beats the panels of the bodywork or sets the diamond within the band, to the driver behind the wheel and the finger that wears the ring, each has an appreciation for the craft and personal connection to a slice of rare and bespoke luxury.

To discover more about Calleija and its stunning array of handcrafted jewellery, make sure to pay their team a visit at this year’s London Concours, taking place between 4-6 June at the Honourable Artillery Company.

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