London Concours & Montres Breguet Extend Long-Term Partnership

Montres Breguet Watch

London Concours is pleased to announce fine watchmakers, Montres Breguet, as Presenting Partner for a fourth consecutive year, in 2022. The agreement signed recently also extends the partnership for at least another three years. Breguet has been the Presenting Partner of the event since 2019.

Hosted at the Honourable Artillery Company – a five-acre oasis of green in the heart of the City of London – the London Concours is an automotive garden party celebrating the finest offerings in the worlds of jewellery, fashion, watchmaking and automotive.

Now heading for its sixth edition, the London Concours 2022 will, once again, host a display of more than 100 finely crafted vehicles, each representing the pinnacle of craftsmanship, design and timeless luxury. And, just as many cars on display are lovingly handcrafted over the course of many hundreds of hours, so too are Breguet’s exquisite timepieces.

Breguet has been hand-crafting signature timepieces since 1775, with the house’s founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet, responsible for a number of inventions that have been fundamental to today’s horology bringing Swiss elegance and luxury into the 21st century. Breguet is a brand steeped in history, and synonymous with the grandeur of European and International royals, including Marie Antoinette, Napoleon Bonaparte, Tsar of Russia and closer to home, Queen Victoria, George III and Sir Winston Churchill, a lifelong patron. In fact, many of Breguet’s archive pieces remain in treasured in the Royal Collection as well as the House’s museums around the world.

Breguet also has its very own chapter in automotive history. The fine horologists great-great-grandson Louis-Charles Breguet, best known for his pioneering work in aviation, can also be credited for creating the first electric car, the A2 automobile, during World War II. An extremely rare car today with only four remaining in existence. While aviation production resumed post the war, Breguet continued its love affair with the automotive world having been commissioned to produce nine dashboard chronographs for the Bugatti Type 41 Royale – once the most expensive car ever sold. And in the 1990s, Breguet was contracted by Lamborghini to create a dashboard clock for their new ‘Diablo’ model, to be offered as an upgrade option. It is believed only 50 pieces were ever created.

Andrew Evans, London Concours Director, said:Montres Breguet is the perfect partner for the London Concours, and we’re thrilled to announce our continued relationship for the next year and beyond. Breguet’s values align seamlessly with the London Concours – just like the vehicles on display, the beauty, engineering and craftsmanship of a Breguet timepiece elevates it beyond the world of horology and into the sphere of fine art. Breguet’s continued contribution helps us create an event which is entirely unique and offers every visitor a truly valuable experience, and we’re thoroughly looking forward to where the partnership leads us in the coming years.”

Helen Kirkup, Brand Manager Montres Breguet, said:“The House of Breguet is a proud partner of the London Concours and is delighted to be extending their commitment to this exceptional event once more. To share the brand’s rich heritage alongside the stunning display of vehicles during this celebratory garden party, is a privilege. We thank the London Concours for their tireless dedication in hosting this superb event that has become a summer fixture in the London diary.”