Montres Breguet Plans Addition to its Tradition Collection

Montres Breguet an Addition to the Traditional Collection

Breguet’s Tradition collection pays a vibrant tribute to the memory of its founder, Abraham-Louis Breguet. An outstanding scientist and technician, who was always on the lookout for innovations that would bring precision and reliability to timepieces.

Under the ownership of the Swatch Group, Breguet launched the iconic Tradition collection in 2005. Igniting a return to the brand’s origins and a vision of its future, blending established avant-garde styling, with an extremely simple movement that powers the watch.  The arrangement of such, allows any devotee of mechanics to follow all its effects through the transparent design.

Inspired by the legendary Souscription watches created in 1797, the Tradition collection daringly symbolises Breguet’s art of watchmaking. Take for example the Tradition 7027 model, the first contemporary timepiece to reveal the movement organs above the mainplate, thus making the engineering structure visible to the wearer.  Through a subtle play of transparency effects and a contemporary architectural design, the Tradition watch highlights one of Breguet’s most important inventions, the pare-chute. An emblematic feature of the collection, the pare-chute designed to protect the balance pivots in case of impact, is the fore-runner of all modern shock-absorbing devices in use today.

Breguet welcomed its first major “Grand Complication” to the Tradition collection; the 7047 timepiece in 2007. Featuring one of Abraham-Louis Breguet’s most famed inventions, a spectacular tourbillon mechanism, in which the House’s founder was awarded a patent on June 26th 1801. At the forefront of technology, the House of Breguet integrates a Breguet overcoil silicon balance spring into the visionary model 7057, released in 2010, which subsequently was awarded a further patent. By 2012, the Tradition collection welcomed a GMT timepiece, bringing modern watchmaking complications to a collection with roots stretching across two centuries. Breguet celebrated the 10th anniversary of the Tradition line in 2015 with three new models, an Automatique Seconde Rétrograde 7097, the Chronograph Indépendant 7077, combining modern an historical horology and finally the Répetition Minuutes Tourbillon 7087 featuring a chronograph control which recalls that of a timer sold by Breguet in 1825. The latest variations of these iconic timepieces produced up to the present day by the House can be viewed here.

Instantly recognisable, elegant and technical featuring an ultra-modern and graphic structure, Tradition timepieces display Breguet’s renowned art of watchmaking with decorative features. The symmetrical arrangement of the elements mirrors the design of the subscription watches on which the Tradition timepieces are built.

Tradition – a collection curated by Breguet: